Built it!

I'm so excited to have built my first watch! I'm not even a watch person (I built it as a birthday present for my boyfriend, who is a huge watch buff), but now I really want to build one for myself. It went together smoother than I was expecting (though getting the second hand on really tested my patience). The tool kit and video tutorials were perfect; I've never even owned a watch, much less repaired or fiddled with one, but now I've built one! IMG_20180127_152550.jpg IMG_20180127_162917.jpg

Rick Bell

Staff member
I'd love to see some ladies options available in the future, something small and feminine maybe?
Excellent work! Hope your boyfriend enjoys!!!! I really love to hear a story of someone not even interested in watches following my instruction and getting it together!!! We do have the Series Deco coming soon for pre-order. It is 37.5 mm and should fit a lady just fine! The Rose-Champagne dial we will offer is my personal favorite for a man or woman! Thank you for sharing the work!


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The red sweeping second hand on the black dial, black strap with black linen, that's a sleek watch. Love your beautiful gift presentation with the red paper and watch wrapped on a cushion. A deep gift to build a watch having never been into them and gift it. Very Cool of you to Build by hand something that can last lifetimes!