China Uv Didital Flatbed Engraving System factory

DOSUN product has been well-received at home and abroad for its perfect design, technology, quality and service. In domestic market, we set four offices respective in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong and Guangdong. In foreign market, we sold our product to Europe, Asia, South America, etc. Totally, extending hundreds of customers all over.
We were and we will keep our principle Perfect Every Point all along.

Brief Introduction
Since 2005, DOSUN has studied and developed for UV-CTP (Ultra Violet- computer to plate). For more than 5 years, the company finally has promoted UV-CTP, 2400 dpi of output revolution, which is in a leading position in domestic. By using UV-FINATM Laser Engine, technology and long-term experience on manufacturing Inkjet Engraver, we provide DOSUN BLUE-ROTARY UV-Laser Engraver for whole textile printing industry.
DUSUN BLUE-ROTARY UV Laser Engraver is a new generation of CTS (computer to screen) equipment. By using DOSUN UV-FINATM
Laser Engine, it can directly image on the sensitive layer.
EquipmentconsumablequalityspeedcostMaintain costComprehensive cost
Laser CarvingNoneHighestLowLowHighestHighest
UV Laser EngraverNoneHighestFastLowLowLowChina Uv Didital Flatbed Engraving System factory