Describe The Premium Options and Prices, Please.


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One of the first email questions we received,
I am interested in the premium options, could you send me information and prices please.
We loved it so much we made it the first post in the forum.
What about the Series 1 Watch Premium Options? What are they, why are they premium, and how much do they cost?

Our most premium option is an amazing phenomenon of chance, experience, and local economies that one day I may tell the whole story of, but for now, I'll stick to the question. We have an American artist who has mastered the use of a Rose Engine Lathe, the tool used for over a hundred years to hand carve designs in metal and steal on pocket watches, watches, watch dials and more by hand. Our artist will hand engrave the automatic rotor of your Series 1 Watch in a guilloche design, either barley or sine wave.
Learn more about having your rotor hand engraved using mechanical, hand powered energy, a watchful eye and careful hand.
You can choose between two varying guilloche designs for your rotor engraving, Barley or Sine Wave. Pictures of them are on our website @ . Of course, The Series 1 Watch has a movement window on the back of the case that displays the engraved rotor designs. You will never see Hand Engraved rotors featured on a watch at this price.
The hand carved engraved rotors are beautiful. I encourage you to view them on our homepage.

A particularly cool feature that you can do with your watch is to have an image, say your family crest or seal, your local team, or your business logo, printed on the dial of your watch. Think, a gift to your family, business partners, or alma mater... law firms are buying them for their legal partners and staff!
The image is detailed under ten times magnification! Our images on your dial looks crisp and sharp and can have up to 8 colors.
You'll find a picture of a B&W version of our logo on the Series 1 Watch's white dial on our website under "Premium Options".

Another premium option, we will laser inscribe your initials on your buckle. Take care of your watch and you can pass this down to the next generation. Your initials will be important and cherished. The watch is Yours in every sense of the way, especially when you assembled it yourself, have your name laser etched permanently on your Series 1 watch buckle.

If you wish to have your watch assembled, we will hand assemble it for you, another premium option.

I can not fail to mention the overall fact that you can choose between 6,000 variations of watch designs for Your Series 1 Watch. If you did get one for someone, say your family, student children, business partners... you each would be able to add your own design and style, your color dial, your type of hours and minute hands, your strap, you sweeping second-hand color; the watch is Yours in every sense of the word.

Purchase a metal strap to go with your Series 1 Watch and you still receive your choice of a leather strap.

The watch is solid, literally, a one piece case polished stainless top and brushed metal sides, sapphire crystal, 21 jewels, raised indices on the dial, 10M water resistant (if built by us). The Series One has been reviewed and appreciated by watch reviewer, "Federico Talks Watches". Hear what he has to say about the premium options.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have.

We would love to hear from you

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