Some newbie questions

Apologies to all the good people that I am bound to upset with my silly questions...
I am really interested in building my own watch, I mean who wouldn't find this a fascinating challenge, however, I am looking for the following insight:

1. I have slim wrists and a 38mm watch seems to be the best fit, rather than the bigger dials. Is this something that you can accommodate?
2. For me elegance is key, and having looked at the dials on offer, is it possible to use another - with numbers instead of what is available?
3. I would be interested in a small business logo on my watch dial and would like to understand more about the cost and process to achieve this
4. Since the 8215 movement is an automatic movement (which I want) what does this force the watch depth to be? In my ideal world I would have around 8mm as again with slim wrists a large chunky watch looks unsightly

Apologies for the naivety of my questions...

All the best,


Staff member
Hey, Simon, I'm sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for reaching out!

1. Stay tuned to our newsletter, we are releasing a 37.5mm watch soon for preorder that may fit all of your requirements. The case thickness will be 9.5mm. In order to keep the case thickness down our next watch will be manual wind.

2 Our next dial is going to have numerals for the hour markers.

3. Having your business logo on your watch is a great idea. We can print a logo containing up to 8 colors on your watch's dial. File types accepted: Vector images – ai, svg, eps or pdf. All other image formats need to be 300 dpi resolution. The minimum H&W size of your image needs to be at least 500*500px. Some images may require additional editing. The image will appear on the dial between the 12 O’Clock position and the center of the dial.
You can send us the image, we will make proofs of your dial with logo and send them to you for approval. The cost of the first print on the dial is $145. There is a reduced price for additional prints of your logo, so if you want to get your partners or special employees a watch branded to your company let us know. There is currently no way to order multiple dial prints on our configurator.

4. See #1.

Thank you!